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Game Day Procedures



Follow this link to learn how to add player/coaches in gotsport.

Follow this link to learn how to build roster in gotsport.


Please note only players/coaches who have registered with US Futsal can be added to rosters. You may see and error stating the user “has not completed the required forms”. To resolve the error, please ask the user to complete their US Futsal registration.  


Match Card: 


Both teams are required to present a printed match card for each game. For instruction on how to print a Match Card. Please us this link. Please note there could be differences between each team’s printed match cards. This depends on when the match cards are printed. The referee uses the most up to date one. Please, please,  remember, players not listed on the match card will not be allowed to play. 


Score Reporting: 


The home team will be required to report the score and upload the match card. At the end of each game, please take a picture of the match card. The picture is to be uploaded when entering match scores. Follow this link to learn how to enter scores. The pin is 1010


US Futsal Registration:

Our league is affiliated with the United States Futsal Federation – USFF or US Futsal. All players and coaches/managers are required to register with US Futsal to participate in games and events. Use the player/coach links below to register. 


When registering select 

State: New England

League: Kick Futsal League


Players Registration Link

Coaches/Managers Registration Link

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